Michael Doane

Global Director of Working Lands, The Nature Conservancy

Whendee Silver

Professor and Rudy Grah Chair, University of California, Berkeley

Jacob Parnell

Senior Scientist at Novozymes, Inc.

Miles O’Brien

Science Correspondent for the PBS, NewsHour, a Producer and Director for the PBS science documentary series NOVA

Wayne Honeycutt

CEO, Soil Health Institute

Nick Goeser

Director of Soil Health and Sustainability, National Corn Growers Association

Matt Carstens

Senior VP, SUSTAIN at Land O’ Lakes

Keith Paustian

Professor of Soil Ecology, Colorado State University

Allison Thomson

Science & Research Director, Field to Market

Lynne Macdonald


Esther Ngumbi

Post-Doctoral Fellow at Auburn University and a Food Security Fellow with The Aspen Institute

Dan Morash

CEO, California Safe Soil

Colin Bell

Chief Growth Officer, Growcentia, Inc.

Brian Buege

Head of Technology, CoolPlanet, Inc.

Will Brinton

CEO, Solvita, Inc.

Barry Goldman

Indigo Ag

Diane Wu

Co-Founder, Trace Genomics

Bill Buckner

President, Noble Foundation

LaKisha Odom

Scientific Program Director, Foundation for Food and Agricultural Research

Kate Scow

Professor of Soil Science and Soil Microbial Ecology, University of California, Davis

Stuart Grandy

Associate Professor of Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems, University of New Hampshire

Amirth Gunasekara

Science Advisor to Secretary Ross at the California Department of Food and Agriculture